Incorporating professional design features developed through years of experience,

2020 Fusion provides you with a powerful design solution with amazing graphics and astonishing performance.


You can look forward to speedy and intuitive working, with alterations and viewing changes achievable at the touch of a button. Collision detection ensures valid and
accurate layouts at all times, while dynamic lighting effects show off your potential designs at their very best


Colours, textures, floor coverings and furniture ranges can be applied in seconds, putting a whole world of design options at your fingertips. With a full range of superb visual effects and graphic options, your presentations are sure to leave a lasting impression with your clients as their dream design comes to life.





If you can do it on a drawing board, you can do it with 2020 Fusion in a fraction of the time.  2020 Fusion delivers innovation, quality and customer-driven functionality in a high-performance package. Perfect for retail operations and designers who deal directly with customers.