Insert the Fusion FX3 disk and the dongle into your computer.  The installation should begin automatically.

If it does not begin automatically, then select and run "FusionFX3Installer.exe"

STEP 1 :


STEP 2 :


STEP 3 :


STEP 4 :


STEP 5 :


STEP 6 :


STEP 7 :


STEP 8 :


STEP 9 :


STEP 10 :


STEP 11 :


STEP 12 :


STEP 13 :


STEP 14 :


Once your installation is complete, you will need to enable your dongle to run version FX3.


STEP 15 :   Enabling dongle to run version FX3


To enable your dongle, please do the following:


   1.  Insert your dongle into a free USB port


   2.  Locate the following icon on your desktop:




   3.  Double click on the icon 


   4.  If you are asked "Do you want to run as administrator" click YES



If you are still unable to run Fusion, please click here to view a video on an alternative way to enable your dongle.

Should you experience any problems during your installation, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.