Plan View

                                      Elevation 1                                                                            Elevation 2



Save time with automatically generated reports. Produce detailed quotations, invoices, inventories, fitting reports and sales orders instantly. Dimension and annotate plans and elevations automatically. Plus you can automatically generate detailed order listings, per manufacturer.

Quotation Example



In 2020 Fusion you can choose from a range of different render settings that can be applied to your design - from WireFrame and WhiteFill renders, to photorealistIc Global Illuminations.

                                    WireFrame                                                                              WhiteFill

                                    FutureVision                                                                      Global Illumination

Video Walkthrough

Create, play and send (guided tour) movies of customers' designs



"The lighting that I can put into my designs really makes them stand out.  The shadowing, the intensity of the lighting I can adjust, and for me that  makes my designs look very real. For me that is what is all about, trying to  give the client a picture of how their kitchen, bathroom or study will look."


Bryn Hughes, Business Owner and Designer, Brynmor Interiors




2020 Fusion kitchen and bathroom design software is renowned for its superior graphics and unrivalled presentation quality; but behind the imagery, a high level of detail gives users of Fusion design software the ability to create realistic plan and elevation diagrams.