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2020 Fusion kitchen and bathroom design software is available in two packages, to meet both your business needs and your budget. For more information on prices please contact our sales team or complete our sales enquiry form online.




Fusion Ultimate is the most advanced combination of design software and essential sales and after sales management tools available today. It encompasses all of the features found in Fusion Foundation and more. Fusion Ultimate is a comprehensive software package that provides total support for your business in a single, all inclusive solution. It is targeted towards any professional Kitchen, Bathroom and Interior Design company.




Fusion Foundation is our entry level design system. It is simple but includes many of the powerful design features found in Fusion Ultimate. Fusion Foundation offers many automated features, which save on time consuming tasks and produce exceptional graphics with astonishing performance. Fusion Foundation is targeted towards designers that want access to a professional design program, but have a limited budget.


The features available in within each option are highlighted below: