2020 Fusion FX V3.0 has been released in South Africa!


This exciting new version offers designers enhanced flexibility and ease-of-use in creating visually stunning graphical renderings. With major enhancements to lighting, rendering, navigation and so much more, see your spaces like never before!

Easily Change or Add New Backgrounds


Adding or changing a background is now easier in 2020 Fusion V3.0 as they can now be selected independently of the background. Individual backgrounds can be freely chosen on a view specific basis (plan, elevation and perspective) and displayed across all qualifying renders without the need to further configure. Previews of available backgrounds are easily accessed from a dedicated gallery control on the ‘View’ tab.

Drag and Drop and Repositioning in Perspective View 

Designers can now drag and drop manufacturers’ items, including windows, doors and niches directly from the catalogue items palette into the perspective view. With 2020 Fusion V3.0, designers can also quickly reposition existing design items directly in the perspective view making it easier and faster to get that perfect final positioning.

New Navigate Mode

2020 Fusion V3.0 now uses a single, integrated perspective view navigation mode, replacing the series of ‘individual’ modes previously accessible from the ‘View’ tab. The integrated mode makes it easier and faster for the designer to review or showcase a design to a client in the perspective view. Users can walk, look around, drag and orbit within the design using combinations of the shift and control keys while moving the mouse, with the navigation icon automatically changing to indicate the current mode in use.

New Panoramic Backgrounds


Display panoramic (HDR) backgrounds in a range of image types and formats. Easily share new panoramic backgrounds that offer a true 3D representation of what can be seen through a window or aperture when the user changes the viewpoint in the design. As with standard backgrounds, designers can choose from a selection of panoramic backgrounds available in existing 2020 Fusion catalogues or import their own.

Synchronised View Enhancement


2020 Fusion’s design and presentation views have been further enhanced so that it is now possible for them to share the same navigational movement. The synchronisation of these views gives the designer the certainty that the customer will see exactly the same journey around the design on the presentation screen as is shown on the design screen.

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